Caribbean Golf Real Estate

Once a sleepy haunt for low-budget tourists, the Dominican Republic has awoken deep-pocketed investors and homeowners seeking an unspoiled tropical paradise. This beautiful country, boasting lush mountain ranges and stunning beaches, enjoys a variety of microclimates that range from warm and tropical to arid and temperate. Infrastructure has improved with the inauguration of major highways that connect all parts of the country.

Foreign hotel chains and real estate developers have discovered the succesful business opportunities that go with a stable democratic government and foreign investment protection program (member of the World Bank). Prime Real Estate is focused on the East Coast and South Coast of the island.

Here are some sound reasons to buy :

  • The Dominican Republic is very receptive for international investors, minimizing regulatory obstacles and providing incentives to attract foreign investment.
  • All properties are duly registered with the Title Registration Office.
  • Buying real estate in the Dominican Republic is a really good investment. Especially the resort areas show a good ROI rate, as the properties not only enjoy increased value but can also be rented.
  • Tax rates are low, with marginal high at 25 % and corporate tax rates at 27 %, but like individuals, Dominican companies are only taxed on income generated locally.
  • Dominican banks are open to work with foreigners both to open accounts as for purchasing real estate. Foreign investors can freely hold equity in businesses and purchase real estate in their own name.
  • Registration of foreign investment is optional and no government approval is required for the repatriation of funds.

Depending on your personal taste and investment purpose, we can help you find the best opportunity. If you are interested in visiting the Dominican Republic on an inspection trip, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It will be our pleasure to organize your trip, show you around, and guide you through the several sites. Also we will assist you getting any legal advise you might need.